Entrepreneur Talk: Portland Doughnuts, Standing Out & Dealing with Tragedy with Chase Reeves

Chase is ten times the power of caffeine with his witty, whimsical, and supercharged persona.” ~ Jared Easley.

Depression Talk: The Manic-Depressive Entrepreneur, Tech Douchebags

Chase goes through a step four whirlwind sharing facets of his entrepreneurial anxiety & depression, gravitating towards things that show immediate & clearer results, struggling to transition traditional offline behaviors to our new digital identities, and that online and off, we're all rarely ever confident simply being ourselves.” ~ Jordan Cooper.

Productivity Talk: Lunacy and Legacy with Chase Reeves

While we intended to talk to Chase about community, the conversation strayed into the legacies we all try to create with our work and through our actions.” ~ Mike Vardy. (Pt. 1, Pt. 2)

Productivity Talk: Chase Reeves on career, community and comparison

This is a packed episode, and may require more than one listen. I suggest you take notes.” ~ Erik Fisher

Speaking: Chase Reeves Explains Fernet Branca & His Business

I was asked to speak at Chris Guillebeau's Pioneer Nation. In 15 minutes I share 3 stories and lessons learned in business. I think you'll like it.

Interview: Feeling Alone and Afraid with Chase Reeves

This week Myke is joined by Chase Reeves. They discuss designing, writing, creating, podcasting and so much more. Chase makes a living helping people make a success of their personal projects and he offers up a taste of that wisdom.” ~ Myke Hurley, British "Broad"casting Raconteur

Interview: Product People Part 1 + Part 2

...that struggle of building products, especially when you’re just starting out, and trying to figure out which direction to go in.” ~ Justin Jackson, Canadian Heartthrob

Career Talk: Chase Reeves on Finding Your Path

As funny as Chase is, he is equally wise on what it takes to create a life you love doing work that fulfills you.” ~ Grant Baldwin

Product & Startup Talk: Chase Reeves On Turning Your Services Into Products

A great conversation about getting your thing into a sellable package (with one of my favorite packable Canadians). I get into the ATA process of turning a service into a product.

Design & Startup Talk: Your Product is Not the Hero

We don’t do a lot of interviews but I wanted to bring him on the show because he has such unique ideas about how design impacts every aspect of your product… ~ Rob Walling, Founder GetDrip.com (and others)

Interview: I Heart You | Guests: Deon Bradley + Chase Reeves

Chase Reeves is a designer and educator and banana sweater wearer.” ~ Jill + Brad.

Interview: Chase Reeves – How to become a creative entrepreneur

On today’s episode of The Boomer Business Owner, Charlie interviews honorary Baby Boomer and marketing maniac, Chase Reeves.” ~ Charlie Poznek.

Interview: Chase Reeves Opens Up On Podcasting, Finding Your Voice, Branding and Negronis

Podcasting as a cultural moment, my favorite podcasts and 4 points on personal branding…”

Recent Design Review: The Mega-Details Behind the New Design of The Smart Passive Income Blog

Although the site has been updated quite a bit since that initial Photoshopped iteration, as you can see, the design you see now would have never happened without Chase and his amazing talent. Chase – if you’re reading this, you are awesome, and I think I love you almost as much as my son does.” ~ Pat Flynn, Founder of Smart Passive Income

Interview: Start Now With Chase Reeves

Designer Chase Reeves talks to us about rapid prototyping and designing for high-profile yet bootstrapped blogs.” ~ Cesar Contreras

Interview: Chase Reeves on Being the Apprentice vs The Expert

Chase and I really dig deep on being the Apprentice vs the Expert when you first start out with this Internet Marketing thing of ours.” ~ Joey Kissimmee, The Gangster of Podcasting

Interview: Entrepreneur On Fire 332: Chase Reeves of Think Traffic and Fizzle.co

What does it take to be an Entrepreneur? Join us as Chase shares his Entrepreneurial mindset and an inside glance at his journey to becoming a successful Entrepreneur.” ~ John Lee Dumas, Founder EOF

Interview: Jan Koch — Building An Internet Business With Chase Reeves

I'm very happy about this interview, because I got the chance to speak with one of my idols in Internet business... I can't wait to hear your thoughts about this interview, I personally think that it's the best interview I've done so far!” ~ Jan Koch

Interview: Content Warfare Podcast — Finding Your Voice Online with Chase Reeves

...an introspective look at what it takes to find success creating content online. Not only is this one of the most honest podcast episodes we've done, but it's also one of the most entertaining.” ~ Ryan Hanley, Content Warfare Podcast

Interview: Chase Reeves on Show Me Your Mic

Get's into Merlinitis, podcasting details, doing stuff you care about. There are no real excuses for this one. Though I've been strange enough in my time to find something valuable in things like this.

Chase Reeves sets the record for the most markers in an episode. You'll have to listen to find out why.” ! Chris Enns, SSKTN

Speaking: Youth Speaker University

Josh Shipp is an empire of impact. I recently spoke to his audience of hopeful speakers and educators. I drew underwear and Yoda with a fat black pen. They’ll likely never forget it.

Chase Reeves is the most offensive & inappropriate speaker you could ever put on your stage. But it’s for that reason that he’s a breath of fresh air. Between NSFW asides, he’ll blow your mind with acute insight on doing and selling work that matters.” ~ JOSH SHIPP, Award Winning Entrepreneur & Founder of YSU

Speaking: Tiny Startup Camp

An action oriented, "quit bitching and make the thing" kind of event. I helped them understand how understanding their audience changes everything. Also, unicycles.

Chase is what every event organizer dreams of when imagining their perfect speaker. He’s funny, engaging, highly energetic, but all the while bringing some very thoughtful and perfectly on-target content to the audience. And it’s no accident, he spent quite a bit of time with me figuring out exactly who would be attending our event, and where they were at. Then, he crafted a perfect message to them that inspired them. People raved about him, and for good reason. Now I have to figure out how to have another event so I can have him speak again...” ~ JASON GLASPEY, Founder Tiny Startup Camp and a whole mess of other cool stuff

Interview: Chase Reeves on the Gently Mad

So good we had to do it twice. The first is my background as a creative, the second my background in faith and spirituality (and how they impact our work). These are good conversations.

We had a fascinating discussion about the intersection of faith and art, our respective upbringings and religious backgrounds and how that has affected our lives and work.” ~ Adam Clark, The Gently Mad

Interview: How To Design Your Website And Tell A Story With Chase Reeves

In which I share some of my thoughts and workflow about responsive design. Though I won't apologize for the gin, it does make me chatty.

Warning, this is one of the longest interviews yet on the show BUT probably one of the most fun. Chase is super passionate about design and helping businesses grow. He's one of the most genuine guys I've talked to and you'll feel the same after listening.” ~ Greg Hickman, Mobile Mixed

Previous Project: Nerd Fitness

Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness approached me to design his (OMFG massive!) site when he saw Paid to Exist and ThinkTraffic. We reached into our childhoods and brought forth an epic quest.

Bits & Bottles Used

Story, branding, strategy, color, design, copywriting, front-end development, one week and pilsners.

Impact of the New Site

Working with Chase has been a great (and oftentimes hilarious) experience. I can honestly say I've never had more fun or laughed as much when working with a partner than I did with him; fortunately, that fun work led to a phenomenally designed website that blew my expectations out of the water. Hopefully we get a chance to work again on another project soon. Cracker honky.” — Steve Kamb, Founder of Nerd Fitness

Steve your site is amazing and you are definitely one of my personal yodas, and I have started a journey to better me all because of you and your site thanks to you and all your jedi council.” — Robert, Jun 30, 2013

I absolutely love love love this design. Wouldn't expect anything less from Chase. You picked a kick ass designer!” — Dean, Jun 30, 2013

Fantastic implementation of responsive design.” — Jordan, Jun 30, 2013

Previous Project: Fizzle.co

A design, visual identity and sales message for a new partnership with a strong mission to serve the budding entrepreneur through the isolation, fear, uncertainty and doubt of building something that matters.

Bits & Bottles Used

Product development, branding, story, strategy, color, design, logo design, typography, copywriting, development, implementation, everything else and lots and lots of Fernet & Coke.

Impact of the New Site

Two weeks ago I was kind of goalless and strolling around with this blog idea but zero action. I joined Fizzle and today I am apart of awesome mastermind group, I'm accountable and really have a super plan to taking over the WORLD!” — Mateusz

If you haven't checked out Fizzle, you're missing out. It's like leveling up your business by going to a party. Who said business training had to be boring anyway?” Jonathan Mead

Been a member since Thursday and have already clarified the purpose of my blog, started to hone in on the audience for the blogs audience, understood what one of the fatal flaws of my previous projects have been, and made some Fizzle friends who I can help along their path and who are helping me as well.” — Tim

Interview: Exploring a Game-Changing WordPress Design [Think Traffic Case Study]

In which I share a bit about my design ethos. It has more to do with Yoda and Middle Earth than it does with Photoshop and drop-shadow.

Corbett and Chase have not only produced a great site, they have done a service to the WordPress community by demonstrating what is possible... The more WordPress designers like [Chase] in the world, the better.” Tom Ewer, Manage WP

Interview: Design: More Service Than Pixels

I share about the service side of design and how it effects my process. I may also riff a bit about some of the bigger questions.

I'm a big fan of Chase Reeves' work. He is single-handedly changing how blogs work, look and feel.” Janelle Allen, The Grand Life

Recent Project: Paid To Exist

These guys wanted to take their business to the next level. They needed a trusty, rusty, earnest and hearty look, to create a brand few (if any) bloggers have attempted. I harnessed my mania and went to work. The work was worky. The work worked.

Bits & Bottles Used

Strategy, story, gentlemanly advice, design, color, texture, copywriting, development, implementation, and a good deal of Bin & Jitters.

Impact of the New Site

Chase is one of the most alarming people I’ve ever worked with. The problem is, he doesn’t know when to stop. He keeps surpassing all of your expectations, over and over (in the best way). It will be hard to work with anyone else after this.” Jonathan Mead, site owner/operator

Is Chase Reeves the hottest designer out there right now?

Yep. He is. He doesn’t know how to dress himself, but he sure knows how to dress up a website.” Derek Halpern, July 12, 2012

For designers, finding that perfect balance between aesthetics and usefulness is often an elusive goal. Chase knows how to find the sweet spot where form and function intersect, as evidenced by his simple yet bold, typography-driven designs.” Chris Pearson

Innovative new site from @jonathanmead.” Brian Clark, July 12, 2012

I’m so proud and excited to see @jonathanmead unveil his re-brand and redesign... Way to go, JM!” Charlie Gilkey, July 12, 2012

Congrats on the re-launch, Jonathan! The new site looks incredible, and the focus feels a lot tighter and truer to what you're all about. Well done!” Tyler Tervooren, July 12, 2012

It’s here & it’s explosive...” Jenysha Polk, July 12, 2012

Unbelievable. You guys nailed it. Big time congrats — looking forward to the journey ahead.” Brett Henley, July 12, 2012

The site looks amazing. I love the focus on the content and the Backpack rocks! I can’t wait to share the link to it with everyone I know.” Jennifer Blanchard, July 12, 2012

I’m completely blown away by the simplicity, elegance and focus on value + adding subscribers.” Ryan Hanley, July 12, 2012

@jonathanmead Redesign is hot, man. Great work. Also, looks sooo Portland. :)” Dusti Arab, July 12, 2012

The site is absolutely gorgeous... looks unique, and not like a generic ‘high conversion’ wordpress theme. It’s clear that a lot of thought went in all around.” Ethan Waldman, July 12, 2012

Interview: Behind the New Think Traffic Design (Results + How We Did It) with Chase Reeves

A casual sit-down with the proprietor of ThinkTraffic.net. He’s a real gentleman.

Think Traffic was completely redesigned less than two months ago. Today we're introducing our very talented designer and friend, Chase Reeves. We're also going to share some results about how the new design is helping Think Traffic grow faster than ever.” Corbett Barr, Think Traffic

Previous Project: Think Traffic

A close collaboration to bring the brand, messaging, and story up to “pro” status. These guys want to be a market leader. Now they look like one. It’s one of my favorite things to be a part of: bringing the substance of the experience up to the quality of the content.

Bits & Bottles Used

Consulting, branding, story, strategy, color, design, copywriting, development, implementation, and a good deal of Bulleit Rye.

Impact of the New Site

Floored by this killer Thesis design. Responsive with a rockin' color palette.” — Chris Pearson (@pearsonified) May 30, 2012

Dude, you guys are amazing. I have to say this is definitely one of the best blog designs I’ve seen in a VERY long time, and it’s making me re-think my own design as well. Kudos to you and your entire team!” — Pat Flynn May 30, 2012

My buddy @CorbettBarr just unleashed a super polished new design for Think Traffic. Really neat.” — Adam Baker (@ManVsDebt) May 30, 2012

Just going through this right now, and I’ve got to say that I love some of the attention to detail.” — Derek Halpern May 29, 2012

This absolutely just blew my mind. You guys took things to a completely different level. Words can’t describe it - seriously. Hat’s off. With how I feel right now, I can’t imagine how fired up you guys are. Let the celebration begin... Here's to raising the bar!” — Scott Dinsmore May 29, 2012

Dude... LOVE IT. That’s it. I’m still catching my breath!” — Chris C. Ducker May 30, 2012

This just might very well be the best blog redesign I've ever seen. Huge congrats @CorbettBarr!” — Juha Liikala (@juhaliikala) May 30, 2012

I’ll be the contrarian. I don’t like it so much. It seems like you’ve made changes similar to what Google has been doing. Having said that, I still wish you much success with the changes.” — Shlomo May 29, 2012. Editor's Note: This was too good not to include! My bad, Shlomo!

Previous Project: Home Team PDX

These phenomenal women needed a brand to move them forward, a welcoming and uncluttered site, and some expert help with lead generation. I did my best, it turned out great.

Bits & Bottles Used

Branding, strategy, color, design, copywriting, development, implementation, and a good deal of Tinto de Veraño.

Previous Project: Ice to the Brim

A personal site for me to off-gas and write things I hope my future self will find... things that will help me remember what matters about work (and what doesn't).

Bits & Bottles Used

Business, writing, design, article finding, target audiencing, logo, story, video, lighting, acting and a few chilled glasses.

Previous Project: Father Apprentice

Father Apprentice is an online community of new and used dads who want to make the most of fatherhood. It's a site I started (mostly because I'm so naturally bad at dadding... and want to do it really well).

Bits & Bottles Used

Business, writing, design, target audiencing, logo, story, video, lighting, acting and a good deal of Romeo y Julietas.